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Low Speed Blender Gearbox

  1. Gear Ratio= N/A
  2. Output bearing torque= N/A
  3. Features: Dupont 70G43 internal gears are made in one piece. High density powder sinterred metal for the output gear; Stainless Steel for output shaft;  PA66 for the first step.
    Gear profile is designed for high-load and smooth running. With the motor of 110W5000RPM, running noise can be controlled under 55dB. Smooth operation and high output efficiency.
  • Specifications

    Item Low Speed Blender Gearbox
    Material Housing is made from PA66. Planetary gears are made from PA66 and Powder Metallurgy.
    Reduction Ratio 1:56.26
    Load fo torsion 150kg - 200kg
    Weight 358.5g / set (only gearbox)
    Application Low Speed Blender, coffee machine etc.

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