A Professional Gear and Gearbox Manufacturer

Inspection Equipment

  1. Micro-computer Universal Testing Machine
  2. Roundness Tester
  3. Profile Projector
  4. Vickers Hardness Tester HV
  5. Rockwell Hardness Tester
  6. S.P.C. QC Data Meter
  7. Mitutoyo Surface Tester
  8. Block Gauge
  9. ENC Gear Testing Machine
  10. Trimos Micro-hite Gauge
  11. Trimos Micro-hite Gauge (Auto Counter And Print)
  12. Electric Micro-hite Gauge
  13. Concentricity Gauge
  14. Bevel Gear Engagement Tester Pinion Start Assembly Life Tester
  15. 3 Dimensional Measure Gauge Others
  16. Electric Thickness Tester
  17. Salt Spray Resistance Tester
  18. Polishing & Grinding Machine
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