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Plastic Gear

Yeh Der Plastic Gear Manufacturer offers various series of plastic gears and gear parts such as worm gears, spur gear, plastic helical gear, plastic pinion gear, plastic bevel gear, other plastic gear, metal gear, gear reduction, gear box, vibrator gearbox, micro gear box, barbecue gear box, servomotor gearbox, vending machine gear box, planetary gearbox, RC car gear box, gear pump gearbox, rotary base and OEM plastic injection molding products.

Yeh Der is one of the most experienced manufacturers of plastic gear, gearbox and OEM injection molding products. They can offer their customers top quality plastic gear at competitive prices. Yeh Der will further improve their efficiency and competitiveness for their gears. Yeh Der always keeps improving their efficiency and competitiveness for their gears and gear-related parts.

Yeh Der also is able to modify or customize any of their products to meet your specific application, quickly and economically. Please contact Yeh Der to discuss your requirement now!

About Plastic Gear

A gear is a toothed wheel designed to transmit force to another gear or toothed component. The teeth of a gear can be shaped to minimize wear, vibration and noise, and to maximize the efficiency of power transmission.

Gears of differing size are often used in pairs for a mechanical advantage, allowing the torque of the driving gear to produce a larger torque in the driven gear at lower speed, or a smaller torque at higher speed.

The Advantages of Plastic Gear:

  1. Plastic gears are easily molded into various shapes so they have wider range of configuration.
  2. Plastic gears are less expensive and are lighter in weight.
  3. Plastic gears are chemical and corrosion resistant.
  4. Plastic gears have quieter and smoother operation and offer more efficient drive geometry.
  5. Plastic gears are with inherent self lubricating.

While plastic gears offer these many advantages over metal gears, their effective use requires proper design and engineering to account for possible dimensional and property variations over the expected range of operating conditions.

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