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The plastic injection molding technology exchange seminar co-host by Yeh Der Gear Company and Plastics Industry Development Center.

JIHNG KUO HO Ph.D, Longhua University of Science and Technology,
Students and teacher, Dept. Of Mechanical Drafting , Jui-Fang Industrial high school

Longhua University of Science managed the factory tour and industrial processing communication to us (Yeh Der Enterprise Co., Ltd) with Jui-Fang Industrial high school on Dec 12th, 2022.
During the time, we not only shared our processing technology experience, but also had academic communication with each other to establish the good university-industry collaboration.
In the same time, we also hosted the experience sharing and meeting to discuss the students’ future employment plan after graduating from school.
We do hope to establish the collaborate exchange and human resources development platform with each other.

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